Plant engineering and series production need
efficient and flexible solutions –
locally and internationally.

The medium-sized manufacturing industry is faced with complex requirements

Extremely customer-oriented production, ever shorter delivery times and innovation leadership with ever shorter innovation cycles are taken for granted by customers.
All too often, the IT environment lags behind these requirements. The flow of information for the management and control of development, order processing and spare parts processing is often inadequate. Poor cost control in the face of increasing cost pressure is just one of many possible deficits. This is where the opportunity lies with an integrated ERP from SAP.

Build your individual solution with passion with AGLITA.

Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities with RISE with SAP & SHINE with AGILITA. Our CEO Sandra Völler explains in the video how business transformation works – in less than 90 seconds.

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machinery and plant manufacturers

Operating on global markets that are changing dynamically with Switzerland as a location. The pressure to innovate is high, and you have to bring ever more complex machines to market in ever shorter cycles. At the same time, customers expect a short response time when preparing offers or in the event of complaints and outstanding service.

What this means for you is that you have to keep an eye on a wide range of information about individual customers and their business models, but also about increasingly complex development, production and service projects. Our preconfigured SAP solution provides you with optimal support and our consulting expertise.

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Metal and plastics processing

High delivery capacity and adherence to delivery dates, fast throughput times with reduced inventories and short development cycles. If, in addition, the efficiency of your operations is increased through continuous and flexible processes along the value chain, you will be a decisive step ahead of the competition.

Your quality and cost consciousness and your adherence to delivery dates give you the decisive advantage against attacks from competitors from low-wage countries. Maintaining your competitiveness requires powerful software tools. Face all challenges in the future – through a complete flow of quantities and values along the value chain and consistently integrated business processes.

We support you in achieving this goal with a preconfigured SAP solution and our entire consulting and process expertise.

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